Visitors and subscribers can view samples of the webinars and other items that membership of the Portfolio Trading Systems club provides.           The content will be changed from time to time, and subscribers will be notified by email of those changes.

The Portfolio Trading Systems club suits people who have completed the Basics Course or are already trading options.  The club meets weekly at a location specified through the events calendar and emails.  The meetings consist of a real physical meeting which is also presented as a live interactive webinar for those who cannot attend in person.  It is also recorded for later viewing by any member at a time that suits them.  I am based on the East Coast of Australia, and locations vary as I travel around.

Some topics justify development of handouts in the form of short documents with notes and diagrams.


These handouts are made available to members for downloading if they wish (this sample can only be read here).

Various strategies are discussed during the meetings and webinars, or are simply discussed as part of a greater topic.  Strategy quicksheets are developed to facilitate this need as required.


These quicksheets are made available to members for downloading if they wish (this sample can only be read here).

Moneyness of options.


I occasionally make a short video that explains a bit more detail about my approach to trading, or some element of the market.

Membership is closed.

Members have access to the member shop where items such as trading systems, one-on -one mentoring, strategy eBooks and advanced courses can be purchased as they are made available (still early days).


There is no hard selling, and nothing available in the member shop is required to trade options - the club membership alone achieves that.



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Collars quicksheet.


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