Married Puts quicksheet.

Various strategies are discussed during the meetings and webinars, or are simply discussed as part of a greater topic.  Strategy quicksheets are developed to facilitate this need as required.


These quicksheets are available for downloading by members.

The butterfly strategy is traditionally thought of as a strategy to trade the sideways (crabbish) markets, however they are also excellent for directional trading, adjustments, risk and cheap hedging.

The married put is a hedging strategy to protect equities against bearish moves.

The straddle and strangle strategies are great for trading an equity that is expected to move somewhere - up or down - just not sideways.

The collar strategy is used with stocks.  It can be used protectively where the trader establishes a nil cost protection for the stock, or it can be used in a more active way to accumulate more stock.

The credit spread is often called an income trade as it has a high probability of creating a small profit.  It is a great strategy to obtain theta and vega profits.



Debit spreads quick sheet - coming soon.

Debit spreads quick sheet.